תוספות שיער ללא הלחמה

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Chevi Montag, is a 33-year-old fashion stylist with over 15 years’ experience in the world of wigs.
Her profound aesthetic sense and understanding to up-and-coming fashion trends, inspired her to open her very own dedicated wig salon providing young, vibrant and natural trends, specialising in detailed and uncompromising quality.
Chevi Montag’s wig salon sets the new standards in the industry. From choosing the right hairs for each wig, adapting it to the client’s head with precision up to the wig set-up personalised to the client’s facial features and character.


Highest quality hairs

Personalised styles

Enjoyable experience

Masterful results

The wigs

Creating and styling wigs, is not a job for us, it is a fine art that requires the right touch. Our wig range includes personalised wigs created exclusively for your chosen style, classically styled wigs, wigs for kallahs, hair extensions, fillers, hair replacement wigs. Front or top laced wigs, wigs with hair combination and band/hat wigs. Our expertise is to match you with the correct wig and perfect style, personally created to the highest standards with uncompromising quality; until the perfect results are reached- a comfortable and exclusive wig.

Maximum service,
For you

Our solon is situated on the 12 floor of the high-end hakashros hayishuv tower. Our professional team is ready to serve you to find you the perfect one-in-the-world wig The process is combined of three steps to ensure optimum results: First, we measure you and create a masterpiece- the custom wig that is being sewed for you.
On the first visit, you will get to meet your personalised wig stylist to ensure you are measured correctly. On the second visit, we will style the wig on your head and care for the small details. On the third visit, we will finalise the wig up to your satisfaction.
We are always here for you, providing aftercare service, guarantee for a year and more. Renew yourself.

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